Mop and Vacuum at the same time with the soon to be released Dyson Hard

Here’s a sneak peak at the brand new product from Dyson – the Dyson Hard – engineered to clean and mop hard floors at the same time. It is scheduled to be released on September 3 this year at around $330 US. If you’re a Dyson fan and want to get first dibs at this hybrid mop/vacuum then head on over at Dyson’s website and sign up to be among the first to buy.

Dyson Hard

At first glance, this looks like a swiffer sweeper on steroids but it’s more than that – at the front and back of the wet wipe are suction ducts that suck in dust and dirt off hard floors, the wet wipe functions as a mop. According to Gizmodo the this will be compatible with other “industry standard wipes” but you can also purchase them directly from Dyson at $7 for a pack of 12.

Design wise this is similar to the Dyson DC44 Animal but unfortunately you can’t use the mop attachment on a DC44 and vice versa – so if own a DC44, you’d have to buy this separately or hope that James Dyson has a change of heart and releases a conversion kit.

See it in action here.


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